Our history

How we began

On Monday night, September 12, 1949 the Harrodsburg haptist Church started a one week revival on Cornishville Street; anticipating the start of a mission. This revival was held in a large tent just across from the cemetary. Bro. Arlie Carter was the evangelist with Danny Kong, song leader and Jane Bourne, pianist.

Baptisms as a result of this meeting were: Mr. John Alsman, James Marshall Newby, Alford Hollis VanArsdall, Randall Darnell, J.C. Patterson, Mrs. Speed Camic, Miss Patricia Ruth Camic, and Beechard Richardson.

The following came by letter: Mrs. Mary Gibson from Benton Baptist, Mrs. Dorothy VanArsdall from Hopewell Baptist, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sagracy from Mount Pleasant Baptist, and Mrs. John Alsman, Junction City Baptist.

The first Mission Sunday School services were held in the afternoon, September 18, 1949. (Note: services continued each Sunday afternoon thereafter)

December 1949 – Had a Christmas program with Christmas treats for children and William P. Goodknow as Santa Claus. The tent was heated by oil heaters and was so cold the classes huddled around the heaters. They moved into Thurman Goodlett’s garage in January 1950. This led the Harrodsburg Baptist Church to see the need of a church building on Cornishville Street, so they decided to discuss the means of building a church. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lay offered their services and purchased a lot from Leslie and Lillie Graves in November 1949 for the purpose of starting a new church building. Mr. and Mrs. Lay worked with the church for as long as his heath permitted. His was the first church death in July 24, 1951.

Held the first morning services in the new church on July 30, 1950 with 112 present for preaching, 80 in Sunday School, and 40 for night services. Prayer meeting Wednesday night, August 2, 1950 with 28 present.

First Revival in new building was held July 31 – August 13, 1950 with Bro. W.O. Willham as evangelist and William Pinkston as song leader. Dedication services of the new building were held at Cornishville Street mission on Sunday afternoon August 6, 1950 – time 3:30 p.m. – with Bro. E.T. Moseley bring the dedication sermon. Special music by Shakertown choir directed by Mr. A. B. Davis, also by Mr. Mckee Reed and Mrs. Ella Tucker.

Sunday afternoon, April 22, 1951, a called meeting of council, brethren was held at Cornishvill Street mission to examine the Articles of Faith and Letters of the brethren and to proceed to assist in the organization of a New Testament Church at this meeting. Thruman Goodlett was voted temporary clerk.

Sunday night, April 22, 1951, the first business meeting as a new church was held. Purpose: Calling a Pastor. Brother Arlie Carter was nominated and called as Pastor which he accepted.

Wednesday night, April 25, a business meeting was held to select a church name. The suggestions were Fellowship Baptist and Lays Chapel. The vote for Fellowship Baptist was 48 – Lays Chapel, 18. These 18 stood and made the name Fellowship Baptist unanimous.