Our Youth

Children Today, Leaders tomorrow.

Far too few realize the value and importance of youth among the Church body. They bring joy and vibrance to the congregation and remind us that God wants us to be ever full of life. More than that however; they are tomorrow’s teachers, deacons, and pastors.

At Fellowship we realize how vital youth are to the community and are working hard to grow and encourage their ministry. We place great value our children and young adults and want to help mold them into the future church leaders we know they will become.

Our youth leaders.

Matthew and Summer Simpson

Our Goals

Ensure Safety

We want you to be able to worship freely without having to worry about your child's safety. We will ensure that an adult is with your child at all times and contact you immediately in the event of an emergency.

Build Relationships

We want to help and encourage your child to grow and strengthen their relationships with both God and others. We will teach them what it means to be a child of God and a servant of love.

Have Fun

We want your kids to look forward to their time at church. We prepare fun, but educational lessons and activities to keep them engaged and interested in learning about the Savior.